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Revolve Productions not only assists organizations, businesses and individuals in their event management from concept to execution, but they produce and manage unique events of their own. It is owned by mother and son, Tobi and Justin Coleman. Our two person team at Revolve Productions have more than 33 years of combined experience producing everything from conferences, tradeshows and festivals to fundraisers and music events. 


We have the ability to produce any type of event, from corporate to private, from theaters to outdoor concerts or small gatherings. Revolve Productions has expertise with event budgeting, staffing, infrastructure, ticketing, site design, staging, scheduling, logistics and more. Our fresh eyes and fresh ideas will bring you fresh results.

If you have an event concept that you'd love to turn from a dream into a reality, or you already run an event that is delivering disappointing returns, our event team will work with you every step of the way to turn your event around, or turn your idea into a successful reality.


References available upon request.


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